Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adriane - It depends on where you are going to see fall colors.  Here in the Boone/Blowing Rock/Grandfather Mt area, we are having our peak this past weekend and this week.  However, recent winds have taken a lot of leaves down now, so I'd have to say we're pushing past the peak now.  The maples are coming up nicely, especially red maples, and some late turning sugar maples.  The oaks are finally starting to turn also.  But by November, this area will be mostly defoliated.  Asheville, which is lower, may still have color, and down by Chimney Rock and Gorges State Park, which also are lower down, the color should still be around, although it will be pushing it.  Up on the Parkway, which runs at high elevations, most of the leaves will be gone, but there may be nice views of forests down lower that have good color.  Hope this is helpful!

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